Persistent Just Like Weeds

Persistent (Just Like the Weeds)

Getting our house ready for sale has been a daily DIY project. Doug is busy painting, installing trim, and doing all those little jobs that just seem to add up. I have been painting, filling nail holes, packing & sorting and generally trying to be useful. Grandpa is here helping us too – he has…

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Kitchen Skills are Life Skills

Kitchen Skills are Life Skills #MyKPBsnackbite

Working in the kitchen with my kids is always a joy. It does require a little balancing and being able to be flexible on your feet. When we were working on the Rainbow Peanut Butter Snack Bites, both kids just were vying to have a turn mixing, and measuring. Not to mention taste testing! Although…

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Alphabet Craft – A is for Apple

Me: “Do you want to do a craft?” Miss O: “YEAH!!!!” The magic words. If she’s driving me batty, I just say the magic words and she will sit down and do just about any craft that I come up with. I recently purchased a Cricut Explore Air which is pretty much the best thing…

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DIY Paintbrushes for Kids

Miss O is a big fan of crafting. She enjoys just about any medium. Today we decided to break out the paint. This doesn’t happen very often mostly because I just don’t like the mess potential. Sometimes we just paint on a picture from one of her giant colouring books because this is an easy…

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