Get Family Camping NOW // Simple Camping Snacks and Drinks #BubblesMyWay

Family camping has become one of those favourite things to do lately. Our recomittment to teach our children all the survival and outdoor skills we both posess has been an interesting journey. We indeed have completed our small goal of camping out at several different campgrounds. Turns out almost all the campgrounds we have been […]

Rainy Day Activities {Roundup} // A collection of 20 rainy day activities for when you are stuck inside with the kids. A variety of ideas for all ages from baby to toddler to big kid.

Summertime is all about getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. But sometimes Mother Nature has other plans and traps you inside during a thunderstorm. Here’s a list of fun things to do when you’re stuck inside. No paintbrushes allowed! Set up a paint station using items found around the house.Sponges, forks, potato mashers, the options […]

Pool Noodle Bath Fun // Let your kids have a blast in a bathtub filled with cut-up pool noodles! Great for any age from baby to toddler to big kid. They can be used in so many creative ways!

  I remember having lots of toys to play with at bath time when I was a kid. Miss O goes through phases where she either loves or hates the bath. To help ensure that it’s always a pleasant experience, I like to make sure she has lots of fun things to play with. Most […]

Slip, Slap, Scream? 5 Sun Safety Tricks to Get to Slop // Sun Safety Tips for Kids

Slip, Slap, Scream? The hot weather in Alberta is upon us and we have been spending a lot of time outside camping, hiking, and paddling. When we’re not out adventuring, we have been tending our gardens and watering the greenhouse plots. On a recent walk out to the greenhouse, I realized I had remembered to slip […]

Bahmi Goreng // Bahmi Goreng (aka Bami Goreng) Recipe - A traditional Dutch dish of Indonesian Cuisine

Bahmi Goreng (also spelled Bami Goreng) is an Indonesian dish that is commonly known as a Dutch dish. My dad is Dutch and made this dish regularly when I was a kid. I recently had a craving for it so I picked up the spice mix & noodles required for it along with a package […]

8 Fun Bath Activities for Kids // 8 Fun Bath Activities for Kids including homemade bath paint, homemade bath crayons, spelling activities, number activities and more!


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