// Why I'm Only Having 2 Kids

Why I’m Only Having 2 Kids

I’m a Fertile Myrtle. My pregnancies are textbook. My labour experiences have been short and quite frankly, not all that bad. But I’m stopping at two kids and here’s a few reasons why. #1: I hate being pregnant. I’m sure there are women out there who love being pregnant. Michelle Duggar comes to mind. But…

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DIY Chocolate Bars

So you’re looking for a way to get your kid interested in helping out in the kitchen? Get them started by using chocolate! We recently had the chance to try out the Easy Chef Chocolate Bar Maker from Imports Dragon/Moose. Miss O was super-excited to make her very own chocolate bars – what kid wouldn’t…

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Simple Veggie Dip Cups

Simple Veggie Dip Cups Each month, I get the preschool newsletter. Inevitably, there is a party. Each time, slips are placed on the table asking parents to bring in a food item to contribute. My husband (the designated preschool drop-off and pick-up guy) always chooses a suitable option. He brings it home and places it…

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10 Ideas for a Romantic Night In

10 Ideas for a Romantic Night In #forgetchocolate

10 Ideas for a Romantic Night In It’s the season of love. The reality of many years of hearts, flowers, and chocolate has come and gone. Is it sad that things I find more romantic these days are based on practicality? A little time to truly have a conversation without someone screeching through it. Doing…

Read More » // Don't know what to pack? Always end up with too much in your suitcase? Our 10 Packing Tips for your next Flight will sort you out.

10 Packing Tips for Your Next Flight

10 Packing Tips for Your Next Flight I’m a over-packer. Every time I have to fly somewhere, this seems to set off a panic trigger in my head. I run around the house thinking “Pack all THINGS!”. Heaven forbid, I might forget something. Travelling with kids has intensified my need to bring everything. On our…

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