// Looking for a simple idea for lunch you can make in advance? Check out these 3 easy mason jar salads and 1 soup for grab 'em go healthy lunches.

3 Mason Jar Salads + 1 Soup

3 Easy Mason Jar Salads & 1 Soup I think I’ve binge watched too much Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Netflix as of late. The song “Grab ‘Em & Go” got stuck in my head and seems to play on endless loop. Grab ‘em & go Yo ho, yo ho We found gold doubloons Grab…

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Beyond the App

Adventures Beyond the App #NapkinMan

Adventure Beyond the App: Adding Outdoor Play  We just received an iPad for Christmas, and I am blown away with how many educational apps and games there are for children. It has become a useful tool for learning in my household. Mr J has been making little forts throughout the house and taking selfies within them that…

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Being a Mother is Hard

  I recently came across this quote in my travels around Pinterest. There’s only so much you can do when you constantly have a needy baby on your hip and surfing Pinterest in small spurts is one of them. I was having a particularly rough day when I decided to search for quotes for strong…

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Tobogganing under fire

Tobogganing Under Fire All week, I have been reading media regarding the tobogganing bans that are being issued by municipalities, in light of the decision by City of Hamilton to restrict sledding on their property.  As a municipal employee who works in recreation, and an active mom with little people who love the outdoors, I…

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