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Dipped Oreos


  • -Family package of Oreos
  • -13 blocks of baking chocolate white or chocolate
  • -Sprinkles Candy Canes
  • -Coffee Stir Sticks
  • -Lollipop bags & twist ties


  1. Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  2. Crack your Oreo in half. Dip your stick and place in the middle of the Oreo. Put Oreo halves back together. Let Dry (by the time you get to the last Oreo, the first one will be dry enough to dip).
  3. Prepare chocolate. We shaved each block with a sharp chef's knife into a glass bowl and microwaved 6 squares for approx 3 x 30 seconds. After each 30 seconds was up, we used a spatula to stir the melting chocolate.
  4. Scrape the chocolate into 1/2 of the bowl for the best dipping potential. Dip side one, flip, dip side two, let chocolate drip off and cover bottom of cookie near stick by rotating it while you dip. Practice makes perfect!
  5. Place dipped cookies on prepared parcment paper cookie sheets. Don't worry if they don't look perfect! Decorate. Our favourites: Ziplock filled with other colour of chocolate for drizzling, sprinkles, or crushed candy cane!
  6. Let dry, then seal in bags with twist tie.